Apple iPhone 14 Latest Specs, Price, and Release Date

When talking about the older iPhones, the majority of them were released in mid-September.


As fall is knocking at the door, we are all excited for the new iPhone to be released. The yearly iPhone launch date is one of the most critical dates in the company’s calendar, and we are all looking forward to the yearly event. Moreover, the expectations regarding the new flagship iPhone are even higher this time. Rumors are also being churned out by many tech experts about the iPhone 14. This article will look at the Apple iPhone 14 latest specs, price, and release date also features that the new iPhone 14 will most likely have.

Talks of a “complete redesign” have surfaced on the internet, although Apple has not yet released an official statement regarding this rumor. However, a complete redesign or not, we know that the new iPhone 14 will come with many newer and advanced features compared to its predecessors. In addition, the mini variant is rumored to be eliminated from the line, but we’ll have to wait for a while to know if this news is accurate or not.

Surely, there is a plethora of rumors and predictions on the internet that is difficult to digest, which is why in this article, we will be talking about the specs, price, features, and the release date that the new flagship iPhone 14 will most probably have. So, without further ado, let’s dig right in.

When is the new Apple iPhone 14 going to be released?

Hearing about the iPhone 14 immediately puts the release date at the top of everyone’s mind. Of course, everyone is excited to watch the once-a-year event that occurs at the Apple Park HQ in Cupertino.

When talking about the older iPhones, the majority of them were released in mid-September. For example, the iPhone XS  was released on 12th September, iPhone 11 on 10th September, and iPhone 13 on 14th September. iPhone 12, on the other hand, was delayed due to the pandemic and was released on the 13th of October.

Looking at the history of Apple iPhone release dates, we see a pattern with Apple prioritizing launch on either the first or the second Tuesday of September. Keeping this in mind, we can speculate that the new Apple iPhone 14 will be released either on 6th September, the first Tuesday of the month, or on 13th September, the second Tuesday. It is most likely that Apple will choose the second Tuesday to launch the highly anticipated device to the world.

How many models will the Apple iPhone 14 have?

The biggest news (or rumor) regarding the models of the newest Apple mobile device is that the mini variant of the iPhone 14 will not be launched. The mini versions of the previous Apple devices have not appealed to the audience as much, and it is highly likely that Apple will eliminate the mini version from its newest line. But again, we’ll have to wait till the mid of September to see what Apple does regarding this.

Other than that, the base variant called Apple iPhone 14 will be released. This will be the logical continuation of the previous models, such as the iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13. The size of the iPhone 14 will most probably be 6.1”. The iPhone 14 Pro will also be the same size, a smaller but equally powerful version of the newest iPhone 14 Pro Max. Of course, the iPhone 14 Pro Max will be the most premium device in this line with additional features and better battery life.

The new addition to the iPhone 14 line is rumored to be the iPhone 14 Max. Some tech experts have predicted the name to be iPhone 14 Plus. This device will be a larger version of the base variant iPhone 14 and will have dual cameras and longer-lasting battery life.

What are the newest features in the iPhone 14 line?

Now, let’s talk about the thing we all have been waiting to hear about, the notch. The infamous notch in the previous models of the Apple iPhone is cut out of the top of the screen. We saw a slight decrease in the size of the notch with the release of the iPhone 13. With the launch of the iPhone 14, however, the notch is completely changing. We are going from an infamous notch to a “hole+pill” design.

Instead of the screen being covered by the whole notch, there will now only be smaller apertures for the front-facing camera. The design will be like a pinhole camera accompanied by a much smaller notch on its side. This version of the notch is rumored to be available only in the Pro and Pro Max versions of the iPhone 14. This would mean that with the costlier models, you will get more screen space.

Regarding the Touch ID, there might be some news. It is unlikely, but Apple may relaunch the Touch ID in the Pro models of the iPhone 14. This would be done by using the Touch ID sensor in the power button like Apple is currently doing with iPad Air and the new iPad Mini.

The iPhone 14 line will most probably have 120Hz-supporting LPTD OLED displays. This means that we will get ProMotion in the entire line of the newest iPhone 14. There may be the “always on” feature in the Pro and Pro Max devices, which means that rather than turning off completely, the devices will stay on with features to prevent battery drainage, like in the Apple Watch Series 5.

The camera bump will most likely increase to about 4.17mm to the back of the phone. This would be a millimeter thicker than the iPhone 13. The standard wide camera will most likely be 48MP, enabling the camera to capture and combine the pixels’ light in a 2×2 grid. Pro Models might be able to shoot 8K videos. Additional features in the camera of the Apple iPhone 14 include autofocus and a wider aperture (f/1.9.)

Following suit, iPhone 14 will most likely come with a newer A16 processor. This would mean that they would have better performance, efficiency, and battery life. We have yet to see if the new A16 process will only be in the Pro models or in every device in the line. Moreover, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will likely have a 3,200 mAh and 4,323 mAh battery, respectively.

The RAM will also be pumped to 8GB for the iPhone 14 series. The Pro models will have LPDDR5, while the other models will have LPDDR4X. Moreover, jumping from 1TB storage in iPhone 13, we can expect iPhone 14 models to offer 2TB storage. Although there are rumors that the lightning port will be replaced by a standard Type-C port, it seems unlikely, but we cannot say anything since Apple has done it with most of its newer iPads.

iPhone 14 Price

Now, let’s get to the big question, just how much are the devices in the iPhone 14 lineup going to cost? We can expect the price of the iPhone 14 to start at around $800. The iPhone 14 Pro models will most likely be more than $1,100. But since there isn’t a mini version, the pricing may be a little different this time. Keeping everything in mind, we can expect the newer versions of the iPhone in the new lineup to start at around $800-$1000, depending upon the model and the size.

The iPhone devices are one of the most anticipated devices in the world. With September coming soon, we can expect the hype about these devices to be increased even more. Fans are eager to know about the new features that they will get in the new lineup. With this article, we are sure that you have gotten an idea about all the new devices dropping this September.

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