The Best Islamic Gifts To Buy Online At Affordable Prices

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If you are looking for a good deal on Islamic gifts? There are hundreds of Islamic things that we can buy online and gift to our loved ones. No matter what you are trying to buy, online e-commerce platforms are the easiest ways to do so. In this article, you will find some of The Best Islamic Gifts To Buy Online At Affordable Prices for anniversaries, weddings, mother’s day, holidays (Eid, Ramadan, Hajj) for any budget for Muslim families, friends, and communities. We hope you will find it beneficial.

Giving gifts is an act of giving something valuable to other people to please them or as a sign of gratitude. Giving gifts is something the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) Himself had done and asked the companions to do it.

We can give gifts whenever we want, and it doesn’t have to be meet any specific standard. As the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said,

“Exchange gifts, as that will lead to increasing your love to one another.” – Bukhari.

We as Muslims try our best to keep alive the Sunnah of our Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), and by acting on the hadith mentioned above, we not only follow His path but the benefit of giving gifts are unimaginable and uncountable. Even a small piece of gift has its own significance, and no matter the size and value of it, the worth of a gift cannot be measured or calculated in any way.

Though there is no specific time and period to give gifts, Muslims all around the world tend to share gifts on different occasions such as on Eid, marriages, on the birth of a baby, coming back from Hajj and UMRAH, etc.

Whatever the occasion is, choosing the best gift for your loved ones sometimes becomes a challenging task. No one wants to give low-quality gifts, and therefore you search for the best within your budget. You end up getting frustrated either because of a wide variety of products to choose from or the low quality of products available in the market.

Considering this, if you are looking for the best Islamic gifts to buy online at affordable prices, then you are at the right place. Here we are going to present you with a comprehensive overview of the five best Islamic gifts you can have at affordable prices.

Without any further delay, let’s go through the best Islamic gifts.

Islamic Travel Prayer Mat

Praying five times a day is made compulsory for every adult Muslim, and no matter where you are, you have to perform it in any case. To perform your prayer, you need to have a prayer mat, and a pocket-size Islamic travel prayer mat comes to your help when you are away from your home or you don’t have a regular prayer mat accessible to you.

This pocket prayer mat makes it easier for you to pray in a Covid-19 world. The travel prayer mats are available in beautiful designs and different colors. Also, very light and easy to carry; you can tuck it like a key chain. These are one of the widely used mats with the Kabah direction or the green dome and adorned with patterns, usually from back home.

No matter where you are, all you need is to roll down the mat and perform your prayers as comfortably as you do at home. The travel mate is made portable so that you can keep it with you all the time and do not miss any prayer of the day. For the Muslim community, there cannot be a better gift than a prayer mat for your loved ones.

Qibla Compass & Locator

Qibla Compass & Locator, Perfect for traveling worldwide Makkah Kaaba Direction Finder

In order to perform your prayer, you need to know the exact direction of Qibla (Kaaba) as you have to face towards it. Usually, you know the direction when you are at home or in the same city where you live, but when you are traveling, it isn’t easy to know the exact direction.

There comes the use of Qibla Compass and Locator, which allows you to find out the exact direction of the Qibla from your present location. By taking note of precise latitude and longitude angles, this device can tell you the direction of the Qibla from any point in the world. Next time you are going out of the city, keep in mind to take this device with you. Plus, gift it to someone you know who is a frequent traveler.

The Quran Book Point Read Pen

The Digital Holy Quran Book Point Read Pen Word by Word

Know someone who is learning to read Quran? The Quran Book Point Read Pen is a perfect gift for them, and it is available at an affordable price.

Whether you are learning to read or memorizing it, The Quran book point read pen is a perfect device as it recites the verse on which you point the reading pen. With built-in speakers, you will know exactly how the Imams recites the particular verses, and in this way, you can learn and memorize any verse of the Quran easily and quickly.

It has a rechargeable battery so that you can take benefit of it at any time of the day and can also take it with you anywhere you want. The cover protects it from the outside environment and helps you keep it safe and secure.

Digital Finger Counter Islamic Tasbeeh

Digital finger electronic counter Islamic tasbeeh tally counter

Zikar is the essence of a Muslim’s life, and for some reason, you keep a count of it, but it becomes difficult to remember the count when you are doing some other work as well. Thankfully, now we have Digital Finger Counter Islamic Tasbeeh. It is a small device that you can easily keep in your hands with an adjustable finger ring. Everyone can buy it easily from online websites like; Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, or Walmart.

Most importantly, it has a digital tally counter clicker that you can stop and resume as per your need and requirement. This digital counter Tasbeeh does not fall off your hand as it is made adjustable, and a snap design allows you to hold it by your fingers firmly.

It is made completely portable with a lightweight design. Extremely easy to use, the Tasbeeh is made with high-quality material that makes it reliable and long-lasting. In addition, to the resume and stop option, you can set it to start from zero. With automatic power-off; the battery lasts for years, and you can easily replace it if required. Gift it to someone you know would love it.

Portable Digital Quran Speaker

Portable azan bluetooth digital Quran touch lamp speaker wireless

Listening to holy verses has always been a mesmerizing experience for everyone, no matter you understand the language or not. You can make the experience more beautiful with a Portable Digital Quran Speaker as you can listen to the Quran in the voice of different Imams.

With a remote control system, you can choose which Surahs you want to listen to; you can also forward and rewind if you want. Portable Digital Quran Speaker also features translation options in different languages to choose from.

With a lightweight design and aesthetic look, the speaker is made entirely portable so that you can take it with you anywhere you want and listen to the verses of the Holy Quran whenever you want. With all these features, this speaker is available at highly affordable rates.


Gifts are given to loved ones, to the family, relatives, friends, and even to the neighbors. It is a simple act of love and gratitude, and it has the audacity to remove any misunderstandings and hate among the people. Hence, exchanging gifts between friends, relatives, and neighbors is a strongly recommended act since it is a good way to promote mutual love and consideration. This is what you need to know to see a quick way to find presents for the Muslims community.

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