Apple Watch Series 7 Aluminum

The Apple Watch Series 7 aluminum is Apple’s latest smartwatch, announced in September 2021, the Apple Watch Series 7 is the newest Apple Watch in Apple’s lineup and it is fairly early in its product cycle. The Apple Watch Series 7 builds on the design of previous Apple Watch models with a more rounded design and offers some notable new features including larger displays, improved durability, and faster charging.

The Apple Watch Series 7 Aluminum price starts at $399 / £369 / AU$599 for the 41mm variant and rises to $429 / £399 / AU$649 for the 45mm model. If you want the cellular version to allow you to use it without the phone, the 41mm version costs $499 / £469 / AU$749, and the 45mm model costs $529 / £499 / AU$799 – plus the cost of an additional data plan.

The Apple Watch Series 7 Aluminum comes in 41 or 45mm case sizes, both 1mm taller than their predecessors and thinner bezels mean the screens are 20% larger. The Series 7 includes 100% recycled aluminum, 99% recycled tungsten and rare earth elements, and 100% recycled tin in the solder of its main chips.

Moreover, Apple also updated the watch’s user interface to take advantage of the bigger display. Buttons are now larger and easier to tap, which comes in handy when you’re entering your Passcode to unlock the watch, using the Calculator app, or enabling Do Not Disturb mode from the Control Center, for instance. It’s important to note, however, that not all the new features in WatchOS 8 are available on all models that support the software.

The aluminum variant, which starts at $399, comes in five color options: Midnight (black with a deep blue undertone), Starlight (a blend of silver and gold), Green (new to the Apple Watch line), Blue (a brighter tone than last year’s Blue), and Product Red (a more jewel-toned ruby than last year’s model). Models with cellular connectivity start at $499.