iPhone 13 Pro Max Review, New Features, Price, and Specs

You should go for the Pro Max 13 if you prefer an iPhone with longer battery life.

The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is practically what you have ever wanted in an iPhone. With its remarkable refresh rate, camera features, and truly epic battery life, it is everything you could wish for. The iPhone 13 Pro Max has one of the best cameras ever in a phone, if not the absolute best.

There are a lot more exciting features that you should know before buying the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Let’s get right into it! But before that, click here if you are interested to know about the other variants that include the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 mini.



3x optical zoom telephoto The big size makes it unattractive for some people
Enhanced camera system  
Speedy performance
Super-long battery life

Design and Colors:

Some might say that the iPhone 13 Pro Max looks the same iPhone 12 Pro Max, but it isn’t exactly true. There are many differences in the display and size of the two incredible phones. For starters, the notch, as said by Apple, is 20% smaller on the iPhone 13 Pro Max than its predecessor. That is a significant update that is sure to make you enjoy a bigger screen view.

The flat edges with stainless steel are the same as the predecessor, but another significant difference is the camera array. The camera array on the Pro Max 13 phone is a bit larger when compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Moreover, it is heavier, weighing about 8.46 ounces. But because it is heavy, it allows a larger battery to fit in.

The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max comes in four colors; gold, silver, graphite, and sierra blue. The sierra blue is a new color introduced by Apple, and it looks absolutely stunning on the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max.


The iPhone 13 Pro Max has the ProMotion display, probably the most significant upgrade in this new lineup of iPhones. The maximum refresh rate is 120Hz, the same as iPhone 13 Pro with an automatic refresh scaling. The refresh rate can adjust itself according to the app that you use. While using heavier apps like graphic games, the refresh rate is higher, and when doing a simple task such as reading an ebook, the refresh rate slows down. This results in optimized battery life.

Moreover, it offers increased brightness with an average of about 837 nits. The increased brightness helps display a better contrast and gives darker blacks. So, even in low-light scenes, you will be able to see the stunning details.


The increased size of the camera array at the back of the phone is not without reason. The updated cameras include the widest primary lens ever on an iPhone, with an aperture of f/1.5. This allows for about 49% more light to be captured than its predecessor. Even the wide and the ultra-wide lens provide a much larger field of view. In addition, the telephoto lens has been upgraded to offer an optical zoom of 3x.

In addition, it offers a new feature called the Photographic Styles, which lets you decide the warmth and the tone of your picture. You can choose between four presets and even edit those to get the perfect warmth and styles you need in your photographs.

The Cinematic Mode makes you feel like a professional filmmaker. The Cinematic Mode is the newest feature, which allows the focus to shift automatically, as well as manually, even after you have captured the video. In this way, you can focus on multiple subjects at a time as the camera moves around. Furthermore, the Pro Max 13 phone supports another new feature called ProRes Video.

In conclusion, all of the video modes of the iPhone 13 Pro Max are sure never to disappoint you.


The newly-released A15 Bionic chip is used in all models of the iPhone 13 lineup, and it is ridiculously fast. Apple claims that it is the fastest in any smartphone ever.

Battery Life:

The battery life has significantly improved, about 2.5 hours than the iPhone 12 Pro Max.


The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max comes in four storage options. You can get the 128GB version for $1099, the 256GB option for $1199, 512GB for $1399, and the option with the most storage; 1TB for $1599.

Seems difficult to make a decision? Go through the pros and cons and see if iPhone 13 Pro Max is for you or not.

Final Verdict:

The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is by far the iPhone with the best performance. You should go for the Pro Max 13 if you prefer an iPhone with longer battery life, want the unmatchable performance of the A15, or you want a phone that can quickly spit out the best pictures taken by a phone camera. With the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the expectations for the next iPhone have even gone up.